Thursday, December 1, 2011


The BMan is back from a productive early week work wise, however, the old body isn't cooperating as it should. BMan went to the Bengals game Sunday, got in the car drove 6 hours to Cookeville in a pouring rain, met 2 clients on Monday, got back in the car drove 6 hours home in pouring rain.  Got up Tuesday and flew to State College, did another client meeting on Wednesday and flew back to Cincinnati last night. The meetings were great and the BMan is progressing the sales,  but the BMan's head is exploding with a sinus infection.  Got home and the LL has the same head cold.  Not a lot of fun around the house right now, just sniffing and sleeping.

I know most of you do air travel.  If at all possible, I would advise not to connect through Philly and use USAir. The BMan got into Philly Tuesday late and missed my connection with another older lady.  The plane was there but they wouldn't let us on.  They got me a seat on the next plane, but not her.  Since she was a the gate before me, I told the agent it should be hers.  The agent said "no the computer decides" and long story short, they made me take the ticket.  That's not so bad, but I felt like a heel.  The flight they moved me to was overbooked (don't start the BMan on why they do that), and others missed that flight.  We're ready to board then mechanical problems.  The BMan finally got to State College (by the way the smallest airport I have ever been to).  The real kicker though was the flight before mine,  a man in his 70's brought his mother who was 102 years old to the gate.  The plane was there and they wouldn't let them on because they had closed the door, even though USAir caused them to be late.  I literally thought he was going to someone.  Where is the common sense!

The Bman's and LL's trip to Atlanta was great.  We did the Lake Lanier lights on Friday night.  It is a 7 mile drive through Lake Lanier and it was unbelievable.  Siena was extremely excited.  The cost was $60 per car, but it really was worth it.  I am sure my Atlanta friends have seen this, if not, do so.

The Bengals won another one on Sunday.  It was like every game this season, sparks of brilliance and moments of ineptitude.  They are 7-4, in the playoff hunt and ready to take on the Steelers again this week.  We need to get this one.  It won't be easy, but I gotta positive feeling about this one.

Have a great December!

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