Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's an icy morning in the Cincy area.  The BMan and LL are heading to grandchild #3's birthday party.  The roads are getting better , so we are ready to go.  Now the BMan thinks grandkids are the greatest thing that was ever invented.  Why is that?  It really is true that you like your grandkids better than your own kids (that's like not love).  My belief is that without any real accountability to the grandkids and not seeing them every day brings about a relaxed responsibilty that if I get them home safe and happy I did my job.  It is so funny when their parents drop them off for us to watch them, we get sometimes these written list of rules, these do's and don'ts.  What do they think the LL and BMan are going to do, give them whatever they want, change their napping and bedtime habits, let them eat and drink what they want, and watch whatever they want on TV?  Well, yes we are.  But we're free, loving, teach them things they really shouldn't know, what's wrong with that.  They will recover.  The parents brought them into this world, it's their job to do the discipline, not ours.  Heck, we've already spent more on our grandkids than we ever did with our kids and that's the way it should be.  End of that story, so yes grandson #1, we can keep a secret when you want several pieces of candy from the BMan's stash.

We went to see "Billy Elliott" at the Aronoff last night.  It was a great play.  We usually go on Saturday nights, but we had a conflict for tonight.  The LL exchanged tickets and got us on the floor front and center, she loves that.  Our regular tickets are in the LOGE level.  She kept telling me to get better tickets, but I didn't because they were cheaper in the LOGE.  The  LL says if there was a ball on the stage, we'd have the best tickets in the house.  OK, next year the LL will win, the BMan will get tickets down on the floor front and center.  But maybe I can move our Bengals tickets to the 50 yard line.  You know, fair is fair.

The son that lives in the basement will be home alone this week as both the LL and I are out of town, so I have to get ready and go to the grocery so he has something to eat.  He left a list of what he wants, but no money, go figure.

Happy Birthday dad, 77 years old today!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The BMan has been extremely busy the past few weeks and has dropped this blog.  I really believe no one hardly noticed , however.  A lot has been going on.  I have been in a new job in sales.  I really did not know if I would like it, but I really do.  It is really different work.  I sell Professional Development around many education initiatives and it takes time.  My perspective as an educator does get me in many doors and I can develop the relationships and talk the language that is practical and what they understand.  There is a fine line from being pushy and patient.  I already have many customers in the pipeline ( that was a new term to me) and am pushing things forward.  So we'll see if I can close these things.

The BMan is over the playoff loss by the Bengals, but it took a while.  In reflection, it was a great year and we did better than expected, but once they made the playoffs I wanted more.  It's kinda' like getting the date with the girl you never thought you had a chance with and then you don't even get past 1st base.  Things are looking up for next year.

It is about time for football to be over and that really bums me out.  The Reds will keep me interested and the college basketall tournament is always enjoyable.  Until then, it is a lot of the History Channel and  stuff like that.  I'm on the road so much, though, I just fall asleep and go to the next place.

Why do women want to always know what is wrong and have men talk it out?  WE DON'T want to talk it out, just let us pout and deal with it.  As you know we really only think about sex, beer, and sports and at the BMan's age it is mostly sports.  So if I'm sad, some team or person I like lost, so let me deal with it.

Why women bring up things we said that hurts them 2-3 weeks after we said them?  The LL said I said something at Christmas that hurt her.  I don't remember saying it, although I know I probably did.  I really don't get that and most men don't.  Those that know me know that I don't have a very good filter on what I say, the more relaxed the situation, the less I filter.  I really don't mean anything about what I say I'm just spouting.  My loved one's in the family should know this by now.  Wait until I get to be 75, I bet I really won't care what I say.

Happy 1st birthday to Daniel grandchild #3 tomorrow!!   I love you buddy and he won't remember what I say and I'll give him money or anything else he wants.

Friday, December 30, 2011


The BMan is back after a day's hiatus.  I just didn't feel like writing yesterday.  Today is our last day on the beach before we rise up early in the morning to head home.  I am not looking forward to the 14-15 hour drive but have to make it to go to the Bengals game Sunday.  Then it's back on the road for four days to get some proposals together with some new school districts for my company.

We dropped #2 son and family off at the airport yesterday morning and had the evening to ourselves.  I already miss my little buddy grandkid #3.  He is a laugh a minute.  He is playing great, then it's like a light bulb goes off in his head and says I'm tired.  He changes from happy to tired in seconds.  He is going to be a talker.  He just says jibberish all day.  It would be great to know what he is saying.  I did figure out one thing.  He said "Paps you are the BEST!"

The LL and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday aftenoon.  It was really good.  I recommend you see it, if you like adventure type of movies.  I really like when I go to movies and all the things in my mind just go away.  I find I really get into the times and moments of good movies.  After the movie we went to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurant.  It was really good.  It was good to get some QT with LL.  I miss the #2 family, but I know where to find them when we get back.

Today it is our last beach time for a while.  The weather is magnificent.  It is in the low 70's and the beach is packed.  We are going to see Mission Impossible this afternoon, then our last dinner for this vacation.  Boy was this a quick week.  The LL and I have decided we could winter down here very easily.  Even when it's a little cool, it's much better than in Kentucky weather wise.

I am pumped for the Bengals game on Sunday.  It is a sellout and the place should be electric.  It will be a playoff atmosphere, because essentially it is a playoff game.  There is a huge difference between the crowd noise at a regular season game compared to a playoff game.  Also, there will probably be no sitting.  During these games the crowd is always standing and making noise.  Who Dey!!!!

Happy Birthday to the BMan's father-in-law, Lloyd Yancey.  He is 74 years young today!   Catch you later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The BMan may have messed up in yesterday's blog.  The LL did not find it amusing on one of my topics.  She told me not to write about certain things.  She is wanting to censor my literary license.  We'll see.  When has the BMan actually paid attention to anyone?

I read this morning that Cheetah the chimp in all those "Tarzan" movies when I was growing up, passed away at the age of 80.  First of all, I had no idea that chimps could live that long, that's amazing to me.  Second, I loved those movies.  How many of you played Tarzan when you were young and made that yell that he always made when he was swinging through the trees?  I tried swinging through the trees but always fell because we didn't have the vines in our trees in Louisville and the ropes I put in trees didn't stay ties.  So my yells were usually of pain, not the Tarzan yell.

The BMan still didn't get through to the Bengals yesterday.  They are selling some tickets it appears.  We are sending the one that lives two floors below us in our house to get the tickets today.  I'm hoping he has enough money to get them.  There is money in the account, so they should let him.  If not, he will be calling the LL.  He doesn't like calling me for money.  Maybe it is the lecture I give him for never having money.

Grandbaby #3 is fun to be around.  He is one happy baby.  He laughs and smiles at everything I do with him.  He is also an eating machine.  We went to a Japanese Steak House last evening and that boy ate steak, chicken, shrimp, rice, zucchini, and anything else I shoved in his mouth.  I love those that like to eat.  He is just like his Paps.

I'm not going to the beach today.  It's 55 and that's just a little cool for the BMan, so I'll just move around and try and find something to do.  I may be babysitting, who knows.  He sleeps 16hours a day, another thing the ol' Paps likes.  BMan can sleep that much, also.  The sun is shining, though.  It is beautiful outside.

Have a great one!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Another day in Siesta Key is on the agenda today.  A cold front is moving through and we are supposed to get some rain and a high of 75.  Boy that's cold, what is the BMan gonna do?  LL says we are headed to the outlet mall because of no beach time today.  A high of 68 tomorrow.

The 3rd grandchild was up and babbling at 6:45 this morning.  It's not as bad when it is a grandkid.  Anyone else would have paid hell getting me up that early.  We went to the Broken Egg for breakfast but there was no Dick Vitale sighting (he suppossedly eats there every morning).  OH BABY!  We slammed down some eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns and the works.

We had to make a stop at the grocery last night to get some baby formula and the girls feminine products (TMI, I know).  But here's the thing I don't understand.  Why don't women have these things stocked up like toilet paper and paper towels?  You know you are going to have this monthly event, so get a bunch of them.  I don't think they go bad, do they?    So the day of the event she usually sends me out to get some.  She tells me she needs super ultra, fast absorbing, etc.  I don't get it, just get some of those things and use them.  The girls bought a box to share, another "I don't get it" moment.  You'd think you'd want a box for yourself ( big box)!  The LL says she just doesn't know when it is going to happen.  Well,  a couple of days before, I DO, just sayin'.

I tried 146 times to get into the Bengals phone line to get tickets for Sunday's game.  I kept thinking what is going on?  Then I remembered it's the cheap ass Bengals and they probably had one person taking the phone calls.  They had 22,000 left and sold 2-3,000 yesterday,  hire some temp workers and you might just sell more.  If I only had the money, I would buy the Bengals.  People say he wouldn't sell.  I believe he would if I made the offer he couldn't refuse.  The first thing I'd do is fire the Brown family, all 10 or so, then find a GM and let them run the club.  They would get five years to get results and then we'd go from there.  You gotta' let football people run things, not the family.  Mike Brown grew up in a football family, his dad, Paul Brown was one of the greatest minds in football, however, that doesn't make you an expert.  That's like saying that my kids know education because they lived with the LL and me.  Two chose education, which is great, the other two want no part of school.  I believe they can live the rest of their lives never stepping foot inside a school.

That's all for now, gotta take an early morning siesta.  I love "living the dream"!

Monday, December 26, 2011


The BMan is in Siesta Key, Florida enjoying 80 degrees, sunshine and the beauty of the beach.  In about 4 years the BMan and LL will winter somewhere down here and we can't wait.  We decided to drive because we brought the #2 son, #2 daughter in-law and #3 grandchild with us.  We borrowed the Tahoe and brought their whole house so the grandbaby could be comfortable.  They flew in late last night.

So the LL(Lovely Lady) and I switched off about every 2 hours and had conversations about our jobs, the kids, each one individually, and their faults and good things, each grandchild (no faults) and then had the same conversations again.  As we were driving through Florida I noticed there was a rest area every 30 miles.  This truly is the state for seniors because we NEED a rest area every 30 miles.

It was truly satisfying to spend Christmas night outside on a deck, under the stars, 77 degrees, and some crab bisque with a grouper dinner.  Now folks that's "living the dream"!

It was a much more pleasant trip because the Bengals won and ONLY NEED to win next week to make the playoffs.  Never did I think in August we'd be in this position.  So, the LL and BMan are driving the whole 14 hours home on New Yaers Eve to be back in time to go to the game on Sunday.  I gotta feeling they will win this one, just gotta a feeling.  The Bengals have to figure out how to protect a lead, though.  If I know the Bengals are going to run it to protect the lead, don't you think the other teams know?  When they pack it in up front, send 'em deep and make 'em pay.  Just sayin'!

We are headed to Columbia's Restaurant tonight.  The Cuban restaurant with the 1905 salad (It is unbelievably awesome and the BMan is not even a salad lover), tapas, seafood, and steaks.  Still "living the dream" baby!  Well gotta take a nap and get ready for a big night on the town with the fam.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The BMan is winding down of the work week and gets his first vacation since July.  The LL, with Jeff, Katie, and 11 month old Daniel are taking off for Siesta Key, Fl this weekend.  I am not going to take anything related to work and just enjoy myself.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.  I have been tracking long term forecasts and it changes daily.  It looks like sunny days and upper 70's, I'll take that.  Speaking of weather, it has been unseasonably warm in Kentucky and that kinda' scares me.  Winter is coming and I'm afraid when it hits, it will be in a fierce way.  Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Why do people press fingers into a box of chocolates to see what they are getting?  I was at Brit's yesterday and she had a box of See's chocolates.  Every piece left had a finger poke in it to see what was inside the chocolate.  You know I like to eat chocolate that someone hasn't explored with their fingers.  Besides, I think it's kinda' cool to guess what I am going to eat, when it comes to chocolate.  Maybe she did it because she didn't want me eating her chocolates, well, I suffered through it and downed two pieces anyway.

We have Christmas Eve at LL's parents on Saturday and, therefore,  I will not make the Bengals game.  I hope they can pull this out, but we'll see.  The Bengals play to their competition which make for exciting games, but it is maddening at times.  I want them to make the playoffs, but I'm afraid if they do, they'll get crushed their first game.  It's so hard to make the playoffs, so you gotta' go for it and be happy when they do.

We will be taking down decorations and packing for Florida this evening.  We will be getting back late on New Years Day and we know we won't feel like doing that, so tonight's the night.  Speaking of packing, why do women pack their whole wardrobe when leaving for a week?  I guarantee you that Jeff and I will have 1/2 a suitcase each, but the LL and Katie will have 2 suitcases each.  We're in Florida, you need a swimsuit evey day until dinner, then throw on some jeans or shorts for dinner and jammies for when you return.  You can recycle most of those.  but no, the girls will have 3 outfis for every day and tons of shoes to match.  I don't get it, but I never do when it comes to some things women do.  Katie will blame it on Daniel, NOT!

Keep the faith!