Friday, December 2, 2011


It's Friday and the weekend is fast approaching.  For the 1st time in a month the BMan and LL have little planned except a trip to Lexington on Saturday to watch Trent play basketball.  He is so funny.  He tells us if we can't make the game, we can watch it on TV.  I need to find a microphone to interview him after the game.  There is nothing like the thoughts of a 5 year old.

The BMan is feeling better due to a day at home working and the meds being pumped into my body.  The LL needs some down time to get her turning in the right direction also.  I am not a winter person at all.  In fact, I despise it.  The only thing I enjoy is a warm fire in the fireplace.  We had our first one last night and it was good to sit by the fire and catch up on the "Boardwalk Empire" shows we missed over the last two weeks.  That show is awesome, I watch and try to  predict who will get shot at the end of each episode.  They are going to run out of characters soon if they are not careful.  Nucky is gonna' win back Atlantic City, just watch folks.

This is actually true but not for the easily embarrassed or small children.  I was reading the internet news last night and there is a museum in Iceland that showcases the penis of animals (over 240 on display).  Now that intrigued me to the extent I had to read.  They had a picture of a display of the sperm whale's penis that weighed 120 lbs. and was six feet long.  The curator said it was only the head of the penis.  The smallest is a hamster, gerbil or guinea pig, I can't remember because my mind was stiil on the whale's,  whose penis can only be seen through a microscope.  I have never been to Iceland, but if I go I have to take this in.  There is a lot of material here, but I will let it go for now.  If the LL refers to me as a hamster, you will know where that came from.

The LL and I are hoping to feel well enough to see J Edgar this weekend.  I'll give you my report if we take it in.  The previews look good.  The movie being released this month that I want to see is the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  The first one was good and I like the mindless tale it tells through the ludicrous adventures of Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law).

The Bman must get going to clean up work and file my expense report for the week that was at work.  Have a great weekend!  Go Bengals!!!!!

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