Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Another day in Siesta Key is on the agenda today.  A cold front is moving through and we are supposed to get some rain and a high of 75.  Boy that's cold, what is the BMan gonna do?  LL says we are headed to the outlet mall because of no beach time today.  A high of 68 tomorrow.

The 3rd grandchild was up and babbling at 6:45 this morning.  It's not as bad when it is a grandkid.  Anyone else would have paid hell getting me up that early.  We went to the Broken Egg for breakfast but there was no Dick Vitale sighting (he suppossedly eats there every morning).  OH BABY!  We slammed down some eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns and the works.

We had to make a stop at the grocery last night to get some baby formula and the girls feminine products (TMI, I know).  But here's the thing I don't understand.  Why don't women have these things stocked up like toilet paper and paper towels?  You know you are going to have this monthly event, so get a bunch of them.  I don't think they go bad, do they?    So the day of the event she usually sends me out to get some.  She tells me she needs super ultra, fast absorbing, etc.  I don't get it, just get some of those things and use them.  The girls bought a box to share, another "I don't get it" moment.  You'd think you'd want a box for yourself ( big box)!  The LL says she just doesn't know when it is going to happen.  Well,  a couple of days before, I DO, just sayin'.

I tried 146 times to get into the Bengals phone line to get tickets for Sunday's game.  I kept thinking what is going on?  Then I remembered it's the cheap ass Bengals and they probably had one person taking the phone calls.  They had 22,000 left and sold 2-3,000 yesterday,  hire some temp workers and you might just sell more.  If I only had the money, I would buy the Bengals.  People say he wouldn't sell.  I believe he would if I made the offer he couldn't refuse.  The first thing I'd do is fire the Brown family, all 10 or so, then find a GM and let them run the club.  They would get five years to get results and then we'd go from there.  You gotta' let football people run things, not the family.  Mike Brown grew up in a football family, his dad, Paul Brown was one of the greatest minds in football, however, that doesn't make you an expert.  That's like saying that my kids know education because they lived with the LL and me.  Two chose education, which is great, the other two want no part of school.  I believe they can live the rest of their lives never stepping foot inside a school.

That's all for now, gotta take an early morning siesta.  I love "living the dream"!

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