Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It is a big weekend for the BMan and LL this weekend.  We will be celebrating Christmas with our family on Sunday.  Times have really changed and we still want everyone here for Christmas.  The problem is that everyone of our kids are all over the country.  three are married and have obligations with their spouses' families also.  So in September we try and find a date as close to Christmas that they can all be here and we go with it.  It really doesn't sadden us anymore because we do have all of them here which is the most important thing for us.  Times change and you have to be adaptable.  The one positive is it gives the LL two less weeks to do the added Christmas shopping she always does.

It makes Christmas day really different for the LL and me.  We have traveled the last several years between  Christmas and New Years.  This year will be no different.  We take off on Christmas Eve and head for Florida.  Jeff, Katie and Daniel will be joining us during the week after they have their Christmas at home.  It is relaxing and the weather is usually great.  Since the BMan started my new job on July 6, he has had no vacation, so this wis much needed.  I may throw the golf clubs in the car and try and knock it around a little while I am down there.  I've played once since July.

Boy the Bengals laid a big old egg last Sunday against the Stillers.  I am not surprised.  They hadn't really played a bad game all year.  Sunday was a bad one.  Just put it behind you guys and beat the Texans.  I still believe they have a 50% chance to make the playoffs.  I would never have thought that in September.  So WhoDey!!!

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Let's continue to remember those who sacrificed themselves for us there and through all the conflicts we have had to keep us free.

Have a great day!

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