Friday, December 9, 2011


The Bman is ready for a weekend with the whole family.  The LL will be like the Energizer Bunny on steroids.  I love it when the whole family is together, but it does get stressful trying to make sure the LL doesn't go over the top.  She wants everything to be perfect and if you know my family, we are NOT perfect.  Although we all love each other and have blended this family well, someone will say something that upsets someone and then it cascades.  Now that someone most often is the Bman.  You know I just can't let some stupidity go.

The LL suggested I hit the scotch to relax me a little.  The problem is when I start drinking scotch I don't stop drinking scotch.  Then my mouth starts talking before my brain can process anything.  In fact my brain is pretty useless.  One Christmas the kids got me scotch and I drank darn near the whole bottle.  I was telling stories of escapades the LL and I had in the hot tub at our then house.  They were laughing and egging me on and I just told more.  Our youngest never used that hot tub again.  So I'm not sure I'll drink any scotch, you know they don't really need to know any escapades with the LL.  However, since she became superintendent and I am on the road half the time there really aren't many escapades to share.

The boys and I are headed to the Texans-Bengals game Sunday afternoon before we head back for the party.  This is one the Stripes must when to make the playoffs.  I'm not sure they will but I gotta hope they will.  After last week's embarrassment (they would have beaten nobody with how they played), I look for them to come out on all cylindars and dominate the Texans.

Some Why's:

Why do these stores say that everything is on sale when men know it really isn't and women firmly believe it's a deal?  These stores are not losing money, believe me. Why is it spelled "Sale" when they "sell" it?  Shouldn't it be "SELL".

Why do students in school sit in these ugly desks or tables for 13 years then enter the real world and no workplace even resembles school?

Why does anyone think anything elects a President other than the economy?  It is the only issue that most people care about.  We can argue gun control, capital punishment, abortion, global warming, etc., but really it's the economy.

Why does Walmart know exactly know what I need when I walk in the store?  It's right there in the aisle. When something is in the aisle I didn't go in there for, I decide I do need it.  I swear I think they profile me.

Have a great weekend!!

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