Thursday, December 22, 2011


The BMan is winding down of the work week and gets his first vacation since July.  The LL, with Jeff, Katie, and 11 month old Daniel are taking off for Siesta Key, Fl this weekend.  I am not going to take anything related to work and just enjoy myself.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.  I have been tracking long term forecasts and it changes daily.  It looks like sunny days and upper 70's, I'll take that.  Speaking of weather, it has been unseasonably warm in Kentucky and that kinda' scares me.  Winter is coming and I'm afraid when it hits, it will be in a fierce way.  Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Why do people press fingers into a box of chocolates to see what they are getting?  I was at Brit's yesterday and she had a box of See's chocolates.  Every piece left had a finger poke in it to see what was inside the chocolate.  You know I like to eat chocolate that someone hasn't explored with their fingers.  Besides, I think it's kinda' cool to guess what I am going to eat, when it comes to chocolate.  Maybe she did it because she didn't want me eating her chocolates, well, I suffered through it and downed two pieces anyway.

We have Christmas Eve at LL's parents on Saturday and, therefore,  I will not make the Bengals game.  I hope they can pull this out, but we'll see.  The Bengals play to their competition which make for exciting games, but it is maddening at times.  I want them to make the playoffs, but I'm afraid if they do, they'll get crushed their first game.  It's so hard to make the playoffs, so you gotta' go for it and be happy when they do.

We will be taking down decorations and packing for Florida this evening.  We will be getting back late on New Years Day and we know we won't feel like doing that, so tonight's the night.  Speaking of packing, why do women pack their whole wardrobe when leaving for a week?  I guarantee you that Jeff and I will have 1/2 a suitcase each, but the LL and Katie will have 2 suitcases each.  We're in Florida, you need a swimsuit evey day until dinner, then throw on some jeans or shorts for dinner and jammies for when you return.  You can recycle most of those.  but no, the girls will have 3 outfis for every day and tons of shoes to match.  I don't get it, but I never do when it comes to some things women do.  Katie will blame it on Daniel, NOT!

Keep the faith!

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