Saturday, December 3, 2011


Most of my Kentucky FB friends are giddy over the Cats win over the 'heels today.  Although I like UK, I find it hard to get into it during the regular season.  Folks both of these teams will go to the tournament as 1 or 2 seeds.  Let me be clear though, there is not much better entertainment than the NCAA tournament.  The main difference I like the NFL better is that every game is big and meaningful.  Also, any team truly can beat any other team. There are only 16 games and, therefore, every game has meaning.  I would like college football better also if they would have a true 8-16 playoff.  Then the regular season would have meaning.  You lose 1-2 games you have no shot to win the championship, that just seems wrong to me.  But great game 'Cats!

The LL and I are not headed to the movies tonight.  The Lady Bulldogs surprised us and are in the finals of the Dixie tournament, so we gotta go root them on.  So it's lay around, eat some sloppy Joe's and head out around 7:00.  I enjoy high school basketball games.  These are just kids trying to do the best they can and amateurism at its best.

We were able to see Trent play basketball today.  It was a laugh a minute, they just love running around the court not aware of anything but what's going on in their own little worlds.  I find it amazing how the girls are much more agressive than the boys. There really is no difference in their joy and abilities at 5.  Somebody makes a shot and they go crazy.  They don't keep score so at the end of the game all the kids think they won.  The adults, however, do.  Trent's team lost by about 10.  That's sad I was doing that, isn't it.  It is crazy how sports minded people are wired.

Great weather day in Covington today.  It was about 55 at 3:00 and felt like summertime.  The BMan has to enjoy these type of days because there won't be many in the next few months.  I actually saw people golfing on the drive back from Lexington.  I was ready to get out there myself.

Have a great Saturday night!!

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