Monday, December 26, 2011


The BMan is in Siesta Key, Florida enjoying 80 degrees, sunshine and the beauty of the beach.  In about 4 years the BMan and LL will winter somewhere down here and we can't wait.  We decided to drive because we brought the #2 son, #2 daughter in-law and #3 grandchild with us.  We borrowed the Tahoe and brought their whole house so the grandbaby could be comfortable.  They flew in late last night.

So the LL(Lovely Lady) and I switched off about every 2 hours and had conversations about our jobs, the kids, each one individually, and their faults and good things, each grandchild (no faults) and then had the same conversations again.  As we were driving through Florida I noticed there was a rest area every 30 miles.  This truly is the state for seniors because we NEED a rest area every 30 miles.

It was truly satisfying to spend Christmas night outside on a deck, under the stars, 77 degrees, and some crab bisque with a grouper dinner.  Now folks that's "living the dream"!

It was a much more pleasant trip because the Bengals won and ONLY NEED to win next week to make the playoffs.  Never did I think in August we'd be in this position.  So, the LL and BMan are driving the whole 14 hours home on New Yaers Eve to be back in time to go to the game on Sunday.  I gotta feeling they will win this one, just gotta a feeling.  The Bengals have to figure out how to protect a lead, though.  If I know the Bengals are going to run it to protect the lead, don't you think the other teams know?  When they pack it in up front, send 'em deep and make 'em pay.  Just sayin'!

We are headed to Columbia's Restaurant tonight.  The Cuban restaurant with the 1905 salad (It is unbelievably awesome and the BMan is not even a salad lover), tapas, seafood, and steaks.  Still "living the dream" baby!  Well gotta take a nap and get ready for a big night on the town with the fam.

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