Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The BMan may have messed up in yesterday's blog.  The LL did not find it amusing on one of my topics.  She told me not to write about certain things.  She is wanting to censor my literary license.  We'll see.  When has the BMan actually paid attention to anyone?

I read this morning that Cheetah the chimp in all those "Tarzan" movies when I was growing up, passed away at the age of 80.  First of all, I had no idea that chimps could live that long, that's amazing to me.  Second, I loved those movies.  How many of you played Tarzan when you were young and made that yell that he always made when he was swinging through the trees?  I tried swinging through the trees but always fell because we didn't have the vines in our trees in Louisville and the ropes I put in trees didn't stay ties.  So my yells were usually of pain, not the Tarzan yell.

The BMan still didn't get through to the Bengals yesterday.  They are selling some tickets it appears.  We are sending the one that lives two floors below us in our house to get the tickets today.  I'm hoping he has enough money to get them.  There is money in the account, so they should let him.  If not, he will be calling the LL.  He doesn't like calling me for money.  Maybe it is the lecture I give him for never having money.

Grandbaby #3 is fun to be around.  He is one happy baby.  He laughs and smiles at everything I do with him.  He is also an eating machine.  We went to a Japanese Steak House last evening and that boy ate steak, chicken, shrimp, rice, zucchini, and anything else I shoved in his mouth.  I love those that like to eat.  He is just like his Paps.

I'm not going to the beach today.  It's 55 and that's just a little cool for the BMan, so I'll just move around and try and find something to do.  I may be babysitting, who knows.  He sleeps 16hours a day, another thing the ol' Paps likes.  BMan can sleep that much, also.  The sun is shining, though.  It is beautiful outside.

Have a great one!

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