Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ho! Ho! Ho!  It's Christmas weekend at the Bman and LL's house.  Everything is getting ready to go I guess.  There's a lot of stuff under the tree and it won't take long for the grandkids to rip into them tomorrow evening.

Some of us are trying to decide whether to go to the "Festival of Lights" at the zoo.  The Bman is voting no because it is COLD, however, I believe I will be out voted.  Here's what will happen.  We'll pay lots of money to get in and park, stay 30 minutes because it is too cold and then leave and everyone will have had a great time, except maybe the Bman.  I am Mr. Bah Humbug, I know.  I just don't get too excited until the grandkids open their gifts.  Then I do get excited.

 Before our Christmas party tomorrow night, the woment are having a baby shower for Megan, her second.  It is some diaper pail thing.  The guys head for the Bengals/Texans game, much better option.  It will be cold, but it is a football game, different from the zoo, just sayin'.

The Stripes need this one badly.  If they win, they have a good chance to make the playoffs, if not, their chances dininish a bunch.  I believe we'll take this one becase the Texans are starting their third string quarterback and Andre Johnson is out.  If they play like last week, however, they don't have a chance.  I'll be pumped and hopefully happy when I return for the family Christmas Party.

Well, gotta get out there and get stuff for the parties tomorrow.  Happy Holidays and have a great weekend to all!!!

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