Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's Sunday and a day of laying around watching football.  The BMan does this football watching better than most.  I literally will be on the couch from noon-midnight watching football.  I will get up to get some food, beverages, and go to the restroom, but that's it.  The LL just leaves me alone and usually ventures out and gets her nails done or buys stuff.

Now my Bengals have to win today, if not, it was an ok season but their playoff hopes are dead.  We need the Jets, Titans, Raiders and Chargers to lose.  Thats a lot that probably won't happen.  Gotta hope, though.  

What is kinda' sad nowadays is the demise of the newspaper.  I enjoy sitting around early on Sundays and drinking my coffee and reading the Sunday paper, however, I must admit I get most of my news reading the internet versions of many papers.  Times change quickly when you are 57.  When I was 10, we were still 5 years from landing on the moon and color tv's were just something only the very well to do could afford.  I remember when the video game "Pong" came out in the early '70s and I was totally amazed that you could play something like that on a television screen.

I have a few pet peeves, so here goes:

  • Why do people drive slow in the left lane on the interstate?  There are signs that say "slower traffic keep right", apparently they can't read.  GET OVER!!!!
  • People that say "I'm not lying", I believe they are!
  • People that compare the national budget to their personal budget, they are nothing alike.  Think about it, a national budget is for infrastructure, defense, education, etc.  Personal budgets are for shelter, food, insurance, and entertainment, etc.  A personal budget is for family responsibilities and you can spend, invest and save as you wish, the national budget is a steward of public funds and we will never agree how it should be expended.  If you don't like the way I spend my personal finances, I really don't care, you didn't make it and, therefore, what you think doesn't really matter.  We all see waste in the national budget, but it is predicated on personal biases.
  • People that don't close their mouths when chewing food.
  • People that judge people for their lifestyle, beliefs, faith, etc. There is one judge when you die, that's what counts, don't tell me what God will do.  I know we all have prejudices, however, let's keep it to chocolate vs vanilla ice cream.
  • People that don't cut their lawn, that drives me nuts, is that a prejudice?

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