Saturday, December 17, 2011


The BMan is back from another week on the road.  I was in Mobile, Al and it was perfect weather.  I met with a couple of prospects and just hung around.  We went to Wintzel's Oyster House on Wednesday evening and it WAS awesome.  I started with a dozen oysters on the half shell, and finished with the Low Country meal.  They bring you a bag that has 12-15 shrimp, andoule sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes.  They put lots, I mean lots, of butter in the bag.  I ate every drop.  I WILL go back.  All of this for  $27 dollars including tip and a big old glass if iced tea.

This was the best flying trip I have had in a while.  No problems everything was on time.  I hate going through security, although I understand the necessity.  Mobile has the friendliest TSA agents I have ever come across.  They smiled, laughed, helped with getting things organized.  I complain when I have a bad experience, it is only fair when I have a good experience to acknowledge the outstanding job.

It is amazing to me the difference of people in the south compared to the upper midwest.  I am responsible for 8 states, PA, OH, KY, WV, IN, TN, AL, and MS.  The people in Alabama and Tennessee are just extremely nice when I meet with them.  People in Ohio and Pennsylvania treat you like you are a nuisance to them.  This is speaking generally, of course.  There are nice prospects in those states, but not as numerous.  In Alabama and Tennessee, they are just more accomodating, hospitable, and laugh a little more.  In the south they are on time, offer you something to drink, and are attentive.  In the upper midwest, they are often late and don't offer you anything.  In fact, they want you to give them something for nothing.  It's different worlds.

It has been weird with our Christmas basically being over as far as spending time with the family goes.  We have a couple of stops at our parents, but the close family stuff is over with the kids and grandbabies.  I listen to people still buying for next weekend, wrapping their presents, and all that stuff.  We will have our Christmas decorations and everything packed by Friday.  It just feels weird that we are done and everyone else is excited.  The best thing though is we had everyone here to celebrate and we had a great time.

Well the LL got a new 4 year contract as Superintendent.  It really is a tribute to the great things she has done.  If the stress doesn't kill her, in four years we will be retired and heading somewhere warm for the winter.   I really don't know if she will stay the 4 years, but she wants to.  The good thing is when she stops working maybe she will let the BMan stop working.  You know we have been blessed and I somtimes wonder how that happened.  We have just worked hard, I mean really hard, got some breaks, handled adversity well, stayed humble, and really try and treat people well.  There are others that do that also and haven't been as blessed as us. The LL is much better at these than me.  I really don't know how she does it sometimes.  I tend to get a little stubborn and tell you what I think when I should keep my mouth shut and just deal with it.

Headed to Louisville in a few, have a great day!!


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