Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The BMan has been extremely busy the past few weeks and has dropped this blog.  I really believe no one hardly noticed , however.  A lot has been going on.  I have been in a new job in sales.  I really did not know if I would like it, but I really do.  It is really different work.  I sell Professional Development around many education initiatives and it takes time.  My perspective as an educator does get me in many doors and I can develop the relationships and talk the language that is practical and what they understand.  There is a fine line from being pushy and patient.  I already have many customers in the pipeline ( that was a new term to me) and am pushing things forward.  So we'll see if I can close these things.

The BMan is over the playoff loss by the Bengals, but it took a while.  In reflection, it was a great year and we did better than expected, but once they made the playoffs I wanted more.  It's kinda' like getting the date with the girl you never thought you had a chance with and then you don't even get past 1st base.  Things are looking up for next year.

It is about time for football to be over and that really bums me out.  The Reds will keep me interested and the college basketall tournament is always enjoyable.  Until then, it is a lot of the History Channel and  stuff like that.  I'm on the road so much, though, I just fall asleep and go to the next place.

Why do women want to always know what is wrong and have men talk it out?  WE DON'T want to talk it out, just let us pout and deal with it.  As you know we really only think about sex, beer, and sports and at the BMan's age it is mostly sports.  So if I'm sad, some team or person I like lost, so let me deal with it.

Why women bring up things we said that hurts them 2-3 weeks after we said them?  The LL said I said something at Christmas that hurt her.  I don't remember saying it, although I know I probably did.  I really don't get that and most men don't.  Those that know me know that I don't have a very good filter on what I say, the more relaxed the situation, the less I filter.  I really don't mean anything about what I say I'm just spouting.  My loved one's in the family should know this by now.  Wait until I get to be 75, I bet I really won't care what I say.

Happy 1st birthday to Daniel grandchild #3 tomorrow!!   I love you buddy and he won't remember what I say and I'll give him money or anything else he wants.

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